Digital Energy System™

Digital Energy System™

Digital Energy System™ is simple, requires a small footprint and creates synergy between the technology and energy industries. The result is a valuable alternative to otherwise wasted energy by capturing stranded, associated or flared gas at the wellpad.

Through a completely turnkey process, BYO deploys mobile power plants to oil and gas fields, generating low-cost, off-grid electricity to power on-site data centers. Our process will help you decrease exposure to regulations and lessen your environmental impact while monetizing your stranded assets. The team of experts at BYO Energy oversee and manage the engineering, construction and power generation from start to finish, while meticulously adhering to all safety protocols.

Generators provided by BYO Energy use built in emission control systems, are EPA certified and ensure your site meets local and state requirements. 

Data Centers

Sustainable, reliable and cost effective power for all types of data centers. 


BYO Energy offers power purchase agreements for reliable electricity, as well as, turnkey power plants.


Power for Artificial Intelligence, research, cloud computing, rendering and other data-intensive computing processes.